compared to


Someone like you

and not indigenous

As a 46 year old male in 2325

How long have you got

You will live 12 less years than him.

67 years79 years

Kicking the bucket

What's the leading cause of death for your age?

you: Heart Diseasehim: Heart Disease

Heavy news

What are your chances of being obese?

you: 74.2%him: 63.4%

Work, work, work

You are 2.4 x more likely to be unemployed than him.

you: 21.1%him: 8.70%

About that drink

You have a similar risk of being alcoholic.

you: 15.80%him: 15.80%

What's bad for you

You are 3.3 x more likely to have drug or alcohol problems than him.

you: 15.8%him: 4.80%

Stay out of trouble

You are 7.6 x more likely to be in trouble with the police than him.

you: 16.0%him: 2.10%

Now you know. But now what, you ask? You’ve taken the first step in making a difference – you’ve put yourself in the picture. If more people know how big the Gap is, more people can get behind the efforts to close it.

Come back and recheck your Gap now and then. See what the data says, whether it is actually closing over time.

As we get more access to data, we can show you the progress over time. Whether it is local initiatives, community action, where the government is putting its money, and HOW SUCCESSFUL those initiatives are, we now know what to keep an eye out for.

And now, so do you.